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Toronto cord blood
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Toronto cord blood bank
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What is the AABB Accreditation Program?
Since 1958, AABB now located in Bethesda, MD, has administered accreditation activities as an all volunteer program of continuous improvement and education. This biennial peer review assessment verifies compliance with applicable standards and offers objective, independent feedback to affirm sound practices and provide guidance on areas for improvement

What distinguishes AABB Accreditation from others?
AABB assessments are based on standards that are developed by experts in the field. These standards consist of both quality and technical elements.AABB Accreditation is a voluntary assessment program rather than a mandated inspection. Facilities that choose to seek AABB accreditation do so out of a facility’s desire for and commitment to transfusion medicine and cellular therapy are core competencies of AABB.

How is AABB Accreditation relevant in today's marketplace?
AABB Accreditation is designation of choice for blood banking, transfusion medicine, blood management and cellular therapies because it demonstrates an organization’s commitment to advanced learning, continuous improvement, and innovation by striving to sustain the highest possible level of patient and donor care. AABB Accredited organizations are recognized by their peers as leaders in their field and as pivotal voices in the dialogue through which consensus-based, voluntary standards are developed and implemented.

What types of facilities are currently accredited by AABB?
AABB accredits laboratories and facilities worldwide that are involved in one or more of the following activities:
> Blood centres (collection, processing, testing and distribution)
> Hospital blood banks
> Transfusion services
> Cellular therapy laboratories (HPC, cord blood, somatic cells)
> Perioperative services
> Immunohematology reference laboratories (IRL)
> Relationship testing laboratories
Institutional members of AABB are currently required to participate, and non member institutions are also encouraged to participate.

Who are AABB Assessors?
Assessors are working professionals who are specially trained to conduct on-site assessments for AABB Accreditation. Most assessors have typically earned advanced degrees and offer many years of experience in the field. These professionals participate on a voluntary basis, donating their time and expertise to support the community in its longstanding commitment to deliver the highest quality of care for patients and donors.

Why is AABB Accreditation so critical to the blood and cellular therapy community?
AABB is a community of professionals and institutions united to establish and promote the highest possible standard of care for patients and donors in all aspects of blood banking; transfusion medicine; hematopoietic, cellular and gene therapies; and tissue transplantation. As such, AABB members set voluntary industry standards for quality performance and continuous improvement.

For more information:
AABB Accreditation Program

Health Canada Registered Cord Blood Bank
CReATe has registered with health Canada. Cells, Tissue and Organs (CTO)
registration certificate # 100115.

Canadian cord blood bank
Toronto cord blood bank Toronto cord blood
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CReATE information kit Peristem Bioarchive system why CReATe cord blood bank in Toronto message from Dr. Librach at CReATe
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Toronto cord blood
CReATE information kit Peristem Bioarchive system why CReATe cord blood bank in Toronto message from Dr. Librach at CReATe
Canadian cord blood bank Toronto cord blood
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