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Toronto cord blood
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Toronto cord blood bank
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Information for Health Care Providers:

Health Care Professional FAQ

Q: What is the minimum blood volume to be collected?
A: CReATe recommends collection of as much blood as possible. We do not require a minimum collection volume as it may still contain an adequate numbers of cells.
Q: What if we don’t have enough blood?
A: You collect as much as possible and continue according to collection instructions. When the sample is being processed at CReATe we evaluate the number of cells in the sample and we notify the parents if any concerns arise.
Q: What is the minimum length of umbilical cord required for the Peristem™ collection?
A: As long a length of cord as possible is requested (up to 40cm).
Q: What if for medical reason we could not collect the samples?
A: The health of the mother and her baby/ies always comes first.  If a collection does not occur, please make sure that the parents are aware of this.
Q: Who is responsible for shipping the samples to CReATe?
A: It is the parents’ responsibility to arrange for the transportation of the cord blood and Peristem™ samples to CReATe Cord Blood Bank after it has been collected. The instruction page lists specific couriers that should be contacted in advance to make transportation arrangements.
Q: How do I book an information session?
A: CReATe provides a variety of comprehensive information sessions for parents and health care providers which includes:
ccb In-services at hospitals and clinics
ccb In-home consultation
ccb Educational group forum
ccb Tours of CReATe laboratory state-of-the-art facilities

CReATe also provides online assistance – simply email us your questions and we will be pleased to respond.

Canadian cord blood bank
Toronto cord blood bank Toronto cord blood
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CReATE information kit Peristem Bioarchive system why CReATe cord blood bank in Toronto message from Dr. Librach at CReATe
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Toronto cord blood
CReATE information kit Peristem Bioarchive system why CReATe cord blood bank in Toronto message from Dr. Librach at CReATe
Canadian cord blood bank Toronto cord blood
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