Toronto cord blood bank
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Toronto cord blood
Cord Blood Bank Toronto
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Toronto cord blood bank
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"CReATe offered me peace of mind in a simple package with reliable service. When I think of the added security my baby girl now has, it makes me smile with confidence. If the service I purchased from CReATe is never used, I will be the luckiest mom ever."  Grace S.
Toronto cord blood

"As a scientist, I am certain the applications of stem cell transplantation are going to have a tremendous impact on how diseases and cancers are treated in the future. My husband and I felt comfort in banking our son Austin's Peristem™ and cord blood stem cells as a little insurance policy for the future. Of course we hope to NEVER need it, but we are happy to know it is there and being stored and protected by CReATe's wonderful team of professionals"   Chrislyn L.

Toronto cord blood

"As parents, we face difficult decisions; we want to do all that we can to protect our children. When we discovered CReATe’s innovative new Peristem™program and its many benefits, banking with CReATe became an easy choice for us to make. There is no gift more valuable than storing our baby’s Peristem™ and cord blood for him and our family. Thank you CReATe for making this possible."  Leanne T.

Toronto cord blood
"An incredibly high dedication to science and technology is one reason my wife and I chose CReATe to collect my daughter's cord blood. The courteous and professional service they provided from registration to the follow-up at the hospital was truly world class and has left me with a life-long sense of security." Yanni P.
Toronto cord blood

Canadian cord blood bank
Toronto cord blood bank Toronto cord blood
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Toronto cord blood
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Canadian cord blood bank Toronto cord blood
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