Why should you choose CReATe?

Some of the many compelling reasons why CReATe Cord Blood Bank is right for you.

Our revolutionary program — Peristem

Why should you choose CReATe?

Available exclusively at CReATe Cord Blood Bank. This exclusive program not only enhances current cord blood treatment options, but offers treatment opportunities for a new range of diseases. CReATe is the world’s first and only family stem cell bank offering parents the option to bank both types of stem cells from the umbilical cord.

State of the art laboratories

The FIRST of its kind in Canada to offer Cord Blood and Peristem processing in a `clean room’ environment.

CReATe’s facility features

Superior client service

Quality Management

CReATe is committed to the highest standards of quality, privacy, ethics and safety. CReATe has been awarded accreditation by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) and is Health Canada registered cord blood bank.

The outstanding team behind CReATe

Led by Dr. Clifford Librach – world renowned patient advocate, educator and researcher, our team of highly trained and experienced medical and laboratory professionals continually push the bar forward.

Comprehensive Education & Information Sessions

CReATe provides a variety of informative and comprehensive information sessions about cord blood and Peristem stem cells including: